How To Watch Wold Cup 2023 Free On Hotstar

How To Watch World Cup 2023 Free On Hotstar

Hotstar :- The ICC World Cup 2023 is coming up next month, and cricket fans in India are eager to catch all the Liv* action. While many matches will be broadcast on TV channels, the best way to ensure you don’t miss a single match is by Liv* strea*ing them online on Hotstar. 

Hotstar, owned by Disney, is the official digital strea*ing partner for the World Cup 2023 in India. The good news is that Hotstar offers a free plan that lets you watch World Cup matches Liv* and on-demand! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch the upcoming cricket World Cup free on Hotstar.

Verify Your Hotstar Subscription*

First things first – head to the Hotstar website or open the app and check whether you already have an active subscription. Hotstar has two paid plans – Premium and VIP. However, the free plan also lets you watch Liv* sports including the World Cup with some exceptions. Verify your plan to ensure you can strea* matches uninterrupted.

Download and Install the Hotstar App

To watch matches on the go, you’ll definitely want to install the Hotstar app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can install it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Downloading it in advance will save you last-minute hassles.

Create a Hotstar Account

Once you have the app, create a Hotstar account using your email ID or phone number. This is quick and easy to set up. Simply enter your details and verify your account using an OTP. Creating an account helps resume watching from where you left off across devices.

Find World Cup 2023 Matches

On the Hotstar app home screen, look for the World Cup 2023 section. This will have the full match schedule and Liv* strea*ing links. For upcoming matches, you can set reminders so you never miss the start of a match. The page will also highlight marquee clashes and big tournaments.

Watch Matches Liv* or On-Demand

Tap on any Liv* match and hit the play button to start strea*ing. For on-demand viewing, completed matches will be available for highlights and full replay. You can also utilize the pause, rewind and replay controls as needed while watching. Simply tap the screen to reveal these options.

Use Stable Wifi or Mobile Data

For uninterrupted strea*ing, Hotstar requires a minimum speed of 1Mbps. So connect your phone or tablet to a stable Wifi network. If using mobile data, 4G offers the best experience. Low bandwidth can cause lag and buffering issues. So be sure to have a reliable internet connection. 

Update App for Latest Features

Ensure your Hotstar app is updated to the latest version. The developers keep optimizing the app with new features for improved strea*ing. Updates also fix bugs that may otherwise cause problems during Liv* matches. Enable auto-update or periodically check for updates.

Adjust Video Quality Settings

Based on your internet speed, adjust video resolution in app settings. For the most seamless experience, choose ‘Auto’ video quality. This lowers resolution if you face buffering issues. If on Wifi, you can manually set it to 1080p or 4K resolution. This optimizes video quality.

Cast to TV for Big Screen Viewing

The Hotstar app supports casting to televisions via Chromecast or AirPlay. This lets you enjoy matches on a big screen for a stadium-like feel! Connect phone and TV to the same Wifi and tap the cast icon within Hotstar to project the app. Then sit back and enjoy World Cup 2023 in all its glory.

The Hotstar app makes it incredibly easy to watch every 2023 World Cup match for free. With a stable internet connection, the latest app version and optimized settings, you’ll be able to Liv* strea* matches and follow this tournament like never before. Just create your account, find the matches and start strea*ing – it’s the next best thing to catching a game Liv* in-person!

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The cricket World Cup is the perfect opportunity to try Hotstar’s strea*ing if you haven’t already. With a free account, dedicated sports section and multi-device access, Hotstar makes watching cricket incredibly convenient. Just follow the tips outlined above for the optimal viewing experience and get ready to enjoy World Cup 2023 for free!

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Q. What devices support Hotstar?

  • A . Hotstar can be used across mobiles, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Apps are available for Android, iOS, Firestick, Android TV and Apple TV. You can also access it via browsers.

Q. Can I get Hotstar for free?

  • A . Yes, Hotstar offers a free plan that lets you watch World Cup matches Liv* with a 5 minute delay. All sports and shows are available free with ads. Only premium content requires a paid subscription. 

Q. Does Hotstar work outside India?

  • A . Unfortunately Hotstar can only be accessed in India due to geo-restrictions. If travelling abroad, you will need a VPN with Indian server to use Hotstar.

Q. What if I miss a Liv* match?

  • A . No worries – completed matches are available for full replay on-demand so you can catch up at any time. Results and highlights are also available if you don’t have time to watch full matches.

Q. How much mobile data does Hotstar use?

  • A . At ‘Auto’ resolution, Hotstar may use up to 2GB per hour. At 1080p, it can use around 5GB per hour. So be sure to strea* over Wifi whenever possible to save mobile data.

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