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The Realme C56 is the latest budget smartphone offering from the popular Chinese brand realme. Launching in early 2023, the C56 brings modest but capable hardware and features at an affordable price point.

With competition heating up in the entry-level segment, does the realme C56 have what it takes to stand out? Let’s take a closer look at what this phone has to offer.

Realme C56 Design and Display

Sporting a simple yet sleek design, the realme C56 features a plastic back panel with a unique geometric pattern. Despite its affordable price tag, the phone feels reasonably sturdy and solidly put together.

Realme C56 Build Quality

The back panel and frame on the C56 are made of plastic. While not as premium feeling as metal or glass, the plastic build keeps the phone lightweight at just xx grams while also ensuring durability. Buttons offer decent tactile feedback as well.

With its matte texture, the back stays free of fingerprints and smudges. The geometric pattern also adds some visual flair, preventing a boring one-note design.

Despite the plastic build, there is no creaking when pressure is applied and the phone can likely handle the usual wear and tear without issue. While perhaps not the most striking, the design gets the job done.

Realme C56 Display

On the front, the C56 sports a 6.56-inch LCD with an HD+ resolution.

While not the sharpest display at just 720 x 1612 pixels, text and images remain perfectly viewable. For a lower-cost 720p display, viewing angles and color reproduction are also respectable.

Max brightness tops out at 400 nits which allows for decent outdoor visibility. The display is also protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass for added scratch resistance.

A waterdrop notch houses the selfie camera, leaving slim bezels on the sides and a slightly thicker chin. With up to a 90Hz refresh rate, the interface also feels snappy with smooth scrolling and animations.

Overall, while not amazing, the display offers quality perfectly in line with the price.

Realme C56 Performance and Hardware

Powering the realme C56 is an octa-core Unisoc processor paired with up to 6GB of RAM. How does this budget hardware combination actually perform?

Realme C56 Processor

The realme C56 utilizes a Unisoc T612 chipset fabricated on a 12nm process. This includes eight ARM Cortex-A55 processor cores with a maximum clock speed of 1.8GHz.

Designed efficiency in mind for entry-level devices, the T612 delivers adequate performance for daily tasks. Apps open swiftly, jumping between several at a time sees only minor slowdowns, and the interface remains smooth in general usage.

Gaming performance is merely acceptable however. Simple 2D and casual 3D games run fine but more demanding titles struggle with lower frame rates, longer load times, and occasional stuttering.

Still, for an affordable phone meant for basics like messaging, web browsing and media consumption, the Unisoc T612 gets the job done. Just don’t expect to play extensive mobile games at high graphics settings.

Realme C56 RAM and Storage

The C56 offers 4GB or 6GB of RAM options, letting buyers choose based on their budget and needs. The base 4GB will suffice for lighter users focused on simpler apps and few demanding games.

Power users who tend to have countless browser tabs and apps open may benefit from the 6GB upgrade. Gaming performance sees a small boost as well from the extra RAM allotment.

As for storage, 64GB or 128GB of expandable UFS 2.1 is onboard. This is swift enough flash storage for the price range. Plus up to 1TB more can be added via the dedicated microSD card slot.

Realme C56 Battery Life

Fueling the package is a sizable 5,000 mAh battery. Combined with the efficient processor and lower-resolution display, this battery capacity translates to excellent runtime.

Users can expect up to two full days of use from a single charge with moderate use. Even heavier usage still yields a comfortable full day on a charge.

When it comes time to refuel, the realme C56 supports 18W fast charging. A zero to 50% charge takes just 60 minutes with the stock charger. Recharging the battery fully takes about 2 hours in total.

Realme C56 Camera

Imaging is always a tricky proposition on affordable phones. Check out how the dual cameras on the C56 fare.

Realme C56 Rear Camera

The rear includes a dual camera array:

  • Main: 13MP, f/2.2 aperture
  • Depth: 2MP, f/2.4 aperture

The 13MP sensor utilizes pixel binning to deliver clearer images in daylight. This means combining data from 4 pixels into 1 for improved light capture. Photos in proper lighting pack in decent detail with accurate colors as well.

Struggles come in trickier scenarios however. The small sensor size leads to below average dynamic range as shadows and highlights easily get crushed. Low light photos also show considerably more noise with muddy details.

Enabling Night mode helps reduce noise and brighten shadows slightly through multi-frame processing. But photos remain far from amazing with softened background elements.

The 2MP depth sensor assists with portrait shots. Edge detection could be improved but at least the C56 offers some background blur manipulation.

1080P video recording quality is adequate for social sharing in bright lighting but suffers after dusk with heavy noise intrusion. There is no video stabilization either so footage appears shaky during panning or movement.

Realme C56 Front Camera

An 8MP selfie shooter with an f/2.0 aperture adorns the front notch. Like the rear cameras, this delivers passable results in ideal situations. Just don’t expect miracles from a basic front sensor.

Selfies show respectable detail in fair lighting but easily fall apart when indoors or in dim scenarios. Night mode makes exposure adjustments but can’t work magic on the limitations of lower-cost camera hardware.

There are some bonus modes available like portrait selfies, face enhancement and filters to spice up dull lighting situations slightly. But ultimately the front camera is secondary on phones in this price segment.

Realme C56 Software and Special Features

On the software side, the C56 launches with realme UI based on Android 12. What special additions does realme bring to enhance the experience?

realme UI

Running atop Android 12, realme UI makes a few tweaks to stock Android aimed at adding convenience.

Some highlights include:

  • App cloner – Duplicate apps to login with multiple accounts
  • 3 finger screenshots – Swipe down with 3 fingers to capture full-page images
  • Personalizations – Change icon styles, fonts, colors and more
  • Idle screen management – Additional home screen layout options
  • Quick return bubble – Floating shortcut for returning to previous screen

Overall, realme UI doesn’t dramatically overhaul stock Android. But the thoughtful additions provide genuinely handy improvements tailored to realme devices. Those wanting a cleaner near stock experience may prefer handsets running OxygenOS.


For device security, the C56 includes a side mounted fingerprint reader embedded discretely into the power button. This unlocks the phone rapidly upon a registered print match.

Android 12’s Private Safe is also on board for protecting sensitive documents. App locking allows locking down specific apps behind a password or fingerprint as well.

Realme C56 Audio and Connectivity

Let’s examine how the realme C56 delivers in crucial areas like sound reproduction and wireless connectivity.

Speakers and Audio Jack

A single bottom firing speaker handles audio playback. Maximum volume is sufficiently loud but lacking in depth. Mids and highs come through clearly enough for voice calls and video clips. But bass is very underwhelming, as expected from a basic mono speaker setup.

Thankfully realme retains the venerable 3.5mm audio jack. So audiophiles wanting more powerful sound can utilize wired headphones or external speakers.

Realme C56 Connectivity

In terms of wireless connectivity, the C56 covers the basics:

  • WiFi 5
  • Bluetooth 5.0

4G LTE is supported for cellular data on both SIM card slots. But 5G does not make an appearance here as expected for the price.

Sensors like an ambient light sensor, accelerometer and proximity sensor are also included. NFC would have been a nice bonus for mobile payments but isn’t too surprising to see omitted.

Pricing and Availability

The realme C56 is available globally starting in March 2023. Pricing differs slightly by specific region.

In Europe, the C56 retails for:

  • 4GB + 64GB – €149
  • 6GB + 128GB – €179

For India, pricing is set at:

  • 4GB + 64GB – ₹10,999
  • 6GB + 128GB – ₹12,999

Finally, the realme C56 goes on sale in Southeast Asia for roughly $129 USD for the base 4GB/64GB model.

At these aggressive prices, the C56 brings a balanced blend of features and performance potential buyers expect in the budget arena.

Realme C56 Competition

The realme C56 goes head-to-head with comparably priced models like the Redmi A1+ and Moto E22s.

Compared to the Redmi, the C56 enjoys a sleeker design with smaller notch, higher 90Hz refresh rate display, and larger 5,000 mAh battery. But the Redmi counters with a more powerful MediaTek Helio G25 chipset for improved overall performance.

Versus the Moto E22s, the C56 packs a superior 6.6-inch 90Hz LCD, bigger battery, and faster charging. However the Moto fights back with more capable cameras, ultra wide angle lens, IP52 water resistance, and larger stereo speakers.

For shoppers eyeing sub-$150 phones, all three deliver respectable value. But the C56 strikes an excellent balance with its excellent battery life, smooth display and realme UI additions.


Delivering where it counts for an affordable smartphone, the realme C56 brings ultra long battery life, smooth display and solid construction to the table.

Budget hunters wanting more than basics like messaging and web browsing may be disappointed by middling performance and cameras. But casual users should appreciate the excellent battery, capable display, and realme enhancements packed neatly into an inexpensive package with the C56.


Does the realme C56 support 5G networks?

  • No, the C56 is limited to 4G LTE networks. realme opted not to include 5G connectivity in order to meet the lower price point.

How long can the battery last on a single charge?

  • Thanks to the large 5,000 mAh battery capacity and efficient processor, the realme C56 can deliver up to 2 full days of use per charge depending on your apps and settings. Even intense usage still yields at least a full day on a charge.

What colors will the C56 be available in?

  • At launch, the C56 comes in Frozen Blue and Flash Black colorways. Additional colors may launch later in specific regions.

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